If you start taking care of yourself, from now on you can keep your face and skin perfect for years to come.

Not only do you need to take care of your diet and exercise, but you also need to start maintaining some skin care over time. It doesn’t just take one time for the cream to work on your body or face.

The secret weapon to achieve this is to be consistent. Today, we’re going to unveil 10 beauty routines that you can put in place every day and repeat for decades to come.

Daily facial cleansing

Our face has accumulated the pollution of the day and is full of sebum especially for oily skin.

The first routine you should acquire is to always cleanse your face before going to bed. Every day, without exception, you should perform a deep cleansing.

Use cleansing lotions and make-up creams adapted to your age and avoid using soap to cleanse your face, as it is too aggressive and unbalances the protective layer of the skin.

You should also not always use make-up wipes unless you are travelling. Make-up wipes increase the spread of acne in the face.

A healthy diet

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, to eliminate bad toxins from our face. A bad diet causes oily and especially acne-prone skin.

For example, oranges, apples and cherries are examples of perfect fruits against orange peel skin.

Another good idea is to eat vegetable juices such as spinach or green beans or citrus fruits that contain vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons or grapefruit.

Another point to keep in mind is to reduce sugar and flour, cereals and pasta, and increase

Don’t forget to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day to have a skin that looks younger and with less impurities.

Recuperative sleep

You may not be able to cope, but at your age, it is very important to get enough sleep for healthy skin.

Although this does not cause sleep deprivation, as will happen in the future, the skin recovers with a restful sleep.

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

You can also apply a night mask or cream to help you look your best the next day.

Silk pillows are also anti-aging, because unlike cotton pillows, silk cushions prevent the formation of folds on the face during sleep, which “burn” into the skin over time.

Silk also prevents hair breakage and hair loss, as silk has very little static charge.

Creams adapted to age and season

Concerning the creams, they must vary according to the season, because the skin is not the same in winter and summer.

During the cold seasons, we recommend using more oily products that moisturize and protect against low temperatures. However, in summer, opt for lighter creams that avoid excess oil.

Some brands have developed 4-season creams and I think it’s a great idea to apply a cream according to the seasons and provide the necessary nutrients according to the seasons.

As you approach 30, you will notice that the first lines of expression start to appear. To avoid them, you should apply moisturizers that do not contain fat.

Look for creams that are rich in vitamins E and C, as they have antioxidant and anti-free radical properties.

Use an anti-aging cream for the first lines of expression, which is adapted to your skin type to avoid other skin problems, such as pimples or redness. Another good idea is to start using the serum daily, a big unknown for many.

It should be applied morning and evening, after thorough cleansing.

There are anti-aging, anti-blemish and even anti-wrinkle serums.

The forgotten eye contour

Even if you are not concerned by dark circles under your eyes, from the age of 30, you must take care of the eye teller. It is already necessary to prevent sagging eyelids and wrinkles.

Healthy exercise

If you start exercising before the age of 30, you can prevent conditions such as osteoporosis and obesity in the future. Both of these problems affect most women over the age of 40. Try to find the exercise or sport you prefer.

For example, walking, running, paddling, cycling and maybe zumba, if it’s something you enjoy. For this age, we recommend aerobic exercise to stay in shape, but the key is to be consistent, so you need to do it every day for 30 minutes.

Beware of the sun

Avoid the sun’s rays: especially between 10 am and 4 pm, when solar radiation is most dangerous. L

he truth is that if you are not protected from the sun every day, your skin ages and is constantly exposed to risks. Before leaving home, use a factor 50 sunscreen every day before moisturizing.

You can also find makeup and BB cream with a high sun protection factor. Don’t forget to apply to the neck and décolleté, as these areas require much more care than the rest of the body.

Therefore, any products you apply to your face should also be applied to your neck and décolleté.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen in the winter as well.

Exfoliate your skin

Another beauty mantra from the age of 30 onwards is to exfoliate your skin with suitable products once a month. Apply a mask to improve the hydration of your skin and another one for the hair.

Take care of your bones

A good idea is to start taking calcium daily before the age of 30, by consuming dairy products and their derivatives.

For example, you can eat cheese, yogurt or smoothies every day.

You can also eat other foods, such as almonds and salmon.

No bad habits

If you want to be perfect at thirty and forty, stop smoking and limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Bad habits cause serious pathologies, especially heart and lung diseases. This is the perfect age to give them up and continue a healthy and happy life.